Some of the Best Riddles with answers

We all are very used to riddles. Riddles give us a joy of self-satisfaction when we can solve one. We feel a sense of pride as a riddle solver. Everyone loves themselves and feels happy when they can solve a riddle. In this article we have combines some of the best riddles with answers so that you can also enjoy some time of your own. It is better to enjoy these riddles alone. The answers are at the end of this article. Do not cheat.


Who killed the Wife?
On a Sunday morning, a man returns from the city finds his wife dead. There were four people other than his wife on the house. The maid said that she was cleaning the house, the mailman said he was delivering the mails, the farmer was harvesting crops and the nanny said she was teaching the kids. Then who killed the wife? Had the man done it?

Knock Knock
On a five star hotel, a woman heard a knock at her door and opened the door. She found a man standing and the man said “Sorry! I thought it was my room.” The man then went down the hallway and took the elevator. The women closed the door immediately and then called the security of the hotel. Why would someone do that?

The Dry Dog
There is a dog on the other side of a lake and a woman on this side. The woman calls the dog and the dog comes to her. The dog did not come around the lake and it is not wet. How did the dog come? Is it a spiritual dog?

The Killer Girl
A girl goes to her mother’s funeral. There she meets the man of her dream. But the problem is no one knows anything about the man. No phone number, no address, no name and nothing. Two days later the girl kills her own sister. Why would she do that? Had she gone mad of the grief?

The Dry Hair Man
A man was walking and it started to rain. The man did not have an umbrella or a raincoat. His clothes and everything was soaked. Yet not a single hair was soaked. How could this happen?

The Visible Apple
In a room, there are 20 people. Everyone can see others even without any movement. They just need to move their eyes to see each other’s face. You need to place an apple so that everyone but one can see the apple. How can you do that?

•The mailman did. Mails do not come on Sunday. So he is lying.
•There is something fishy. No one knocks on their own room.
•Its winter and the lake is frozen.
•The girl killed her sister to see if the man comes again. But it is quite selfish no?
•He was bald
•Simple. Place the apple on one’s head.

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